Even if sales isn’t what you studied in business school, you will more than likely start out in a sales role when you begin your career. Most don’t stay in sales because they simply don’t do well, but sales is a great career for the people that really know how to hack it. I’ve been a salesman for a long time, and I don’t want to do anything else. You could not possibly tempt me with another job offer. Here’s why sales is the best career on the planet.

You Work, You Get Rich

The best reason to get in sales is the compensation. If you’ve ever worked in an office job, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people who are really lazy and don’t get much work done. But guess what? At the end of the day, they get paid the same as you, the hard worker, do. Sales is completely different. These people wouldn’t survive. In sales if you work hard, you make more commissions. Salespeople rarely get raises because they have the option to increase their own pay! This can be dangerous if you aren’t very self-motivated, but it’s perfect for the hard-working professional.

You Will Never Be Unemployed

As a salesperson, you are the only employee that doesn’t cost the company money. Think about it. Every other employee costs a lot, through benefits and salary and overhead. Salespeople on the other hand are paid partially through salary and partially through commissions. They are paid for the money they bring in, so their net worth to the company is positive. Other employees do add value and we need them, but they cost a lot. Therefore, you will be the last to get fired (because the company needs money) and if you are fired, another company will snap you up if you have a track record to prove it. You can also get hired by ad companies to write web copy. Some of the best web copy I’ve ever seen comes from topladiessecret.com, a site for women’s needs. Check out that link and see if the web content looks like something you’d be interested in!

You Choose Your Own Schedule

Salespeople bring in money, so most sales managers don’t care how they use their time as long as the salesman are making numbers. This means that you can choose your own schedule! You’re not trapped at the office all day; if you hit all your numbers in 3 days, take the week off! If it’s your time of the month as a woman, visit this site for the best tampons and finish up your work in the next few days. You can afford that time off.

Sales is a hard career. It’s difficult to change people’s minds, and you will often be seen as an annoyance. But I’m willing to pay that price so that I can choose my schedule, set my own salary, and have a bulletproof career during economic downturns. Give sales a shot!