5177859631_8ea580fe57_oEntrepreneurs are growing in number across the Greater Lincolnshire region, and it’s not hard to see why. Starting their own business allows a person the opportunity to profit directly from their own skills and hard work, rather than being at the largess of an employer. It also allows the entrepreneur to turn their passion into career, and gives them the freedom to work when and where they want. All of these factors can be highly motivational to people in business, whether they are new start-ups or seasoned veterans of the corporate world, but for ultimate inspiration there can be nothing better than the examples of these UK business leaders.

Lord Alan Sugar

Perhaps the most famous entrepreneur in the land, the man famous for hiring and firing people on our television screens was born into humble circumstances in Hackney, East London. Making early entrepreneurial strides on the markets of the east end he gained fame and wealth as head of the Amstrad technology company, as well as becoming chairman of Tottenham Hotspur football club. Since then his business interests have diversified greatly, making him a billionaire in the process. One of the most inspirational things about Lord Sugar is that he always proudly displays his rootS, and he’s also willing to spread the benefits of his business experience.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is known and respected across the world, and he is another UK business leader who shows that with the right skills and a love of hard work you can start from the bottom and reach the very top. At just 16 he started his first business venture, a magazine called Student. Passionate about music, he turned it into a business by launching the Virgin Records stores, and later expanded it into his own record label launching The Sex Pistols among others into the world. Virgin has now become one of the most recognisable global brands, of course, but Sir Richard isn’t prepared to rest on his laurels. In fact, he is now aiming for truly stellar business growth with his Virgin Galactic project that could bring space travel to the masses.

Dan Houser

Running a business certainly isn’t dull, as Dan Houser shows. Born in London in 1974 he now lives in affluent suburb of Brooklyn as the result of his business acumen. Dan founded Rockstar Games, and if you like to relax in front of an Xbox or Playstation you’ll know who they are. Thanks to Dan’s company we have the Grand Theft Auto games among others, the groundbreaking series that takes game playing to a whole new level.

David Ross

Lincolnshire’s very own David Ross is the region’s wealthiest business man. He is best known as the billionaire behind Car phone Warehouse, leaving the business in 2008. With a wide portfolio of other business interests, David still finds time to help out a number of charitable and sporting causes close to his heart.

Whether you take your inspiration from these business leaders, or from a Michelle Mone or Deborah Meaden, starting and running a business can be the gateway to real success.