Failure is the only easy thing about restaurant business. In fact, it estimated that for every five new food establishments that open, only two will remain after three years. There is such an intense competition in the food industry, with a failure rate as high as sixty percent. But there is one spot that seems to be promising – barbecue joints.

Barbecue joints seem to be cropping up at every corner and many are filled with waiting patrons. Barbecue enthusiasts are always searching for great BBQ joints that serve the best meals. Barbecue is also popular at carnivals, catered events and festivals. The love for barbecue makes starting a BBQ restaurant a feasible business venture. If you are planning to start a barbecue joint or restaurant, these ten tips will help you success.

Tips for Starting Your Own Barbecue RestaurantMake great food – The most defining factor in any restaurant is the food. Get honest opinions from your patrons so you can make adjustments to your recipe.

Start small – Since the food business is not always a surefire venture, it is best to start small. By having a small restaurant and menu, you’ll be able to control your capital expenditure. The cost of barbecue equipment, such as BBQ grills and charcoal smokers, can choke your capital. It is best to visit review sites on charcoal smokers.

Quality is king – Set a high standard when it comes to your barbecue. Always serve your best barbecue recipe. It would serve you well throwing away a subpar food than have your restaurant’s reputation forever ruined.

Offer daily specials – Customers love specials. By serving them daily specials, they will have something to look forward to. Try putting a regular recipe on special and you would sell more.

Don’t over charge – While food costs in barbecue tend to be high, you don’t want to shoo away patrons with your exorbitant prices. Similarly, you don’t want to end up bankrupt by charging so low. Mind your profit margin but be reasonable enough when assigning the price tags.

Know your market – Study where you will set up your barbecue joint. Choose an area that is underserved and with a potential market. Cities or neighborhoods without a great barbecue option can be a perfect place to start your restaurant business.

Consider your expenses – While there’s nothing wrong with a grand opening, spending too much can drag your business down. Having lots of debt or a huge lease payment is a sure way to failure. Try to cut down costs by looking for reasonably priced supplies and equipment. If you are looking for a gas smoker, you can compare the price of different models and brands at Smokeysteakranch.

Finally, have that “gambler’s mentality” always with a positive attitude that you will win. After all it is your determination that will propel your restaurant to success!