Bob_Davis-headshotThe Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership helps businesses and entrepreneurs on the road to success throughout the Greater Lincolnshire area. Greater Lincolnshire is a diverse and thriving area, from steel manufacturing in Scunthorpe, via the UK’s largest port at Grimsby and Immingham, to the abundantly productive agricultural lands to the south and west. It’s an area with a glorious past but also an exciting future. Greater Lincolnshire is becoming famous for its innovation and its entrepreneurial spirit, as the opening of the new School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln shows, and we’re here to help our business people make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Greater Lincolnshire is a great place to do business, and our ethos is to do all we can to help business men and women across the region become even more successful. We do this by providing business and financial advice, with information given on our website, at locally held events, and at business seminars at locations throughout Greater Lincolnshire. These events provide superb networking opportunities for all who attend, as well as providing expert answers to any business related questions you may have.

As well as providing information when and wherever it’s needed, we are also proud to provide concrete support in the shape of investment and business opportunities. Via this website, entrepreneurs both new and experienced can find out about the latest business news that will affect them, as well as up to the minute information on economic matters affecting the Greater Lincolnshire area in general, and guides to how to succeed in business and grow your brand. Our region is going places, and helping to lead the United Kingdom’s continued economic growth. With our practical support and advice, we will continue to to help our region’s businesses become standard bearers for the United Kingdom as a whole.